06/29/2011 11:07 am ET Updated Aug 29, 2011

Anderson Cooper Stands Up For Kim Kardashian (VIDEO)

Anderson Cooper hasn't been himself lately.

"For a while now I've had this unsettling feeling... Like the universe was slightly out of whack," the CNN host of "AC 360" announced on Wednesday night's episode. "I couldn't pin-point the source of the feeling, but then it hit me: no one has really been saying much about Kim Kardashian's butt lately."

Perhaps this was realized after Sunday night's episode of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," in which Kim stumbled upon an internet rumor stating that her "left butt-cheek exploded on a plane." She grows frustrated with the continual influx of comments regarding her bottom, prompting sister Khloe to suggest she get an x-ray to "prove to the entire world that her butt is real."

"Unbeknownst to me, the entire world will not stop with the crack about her butt," Cooper said. "It's voracity, so to speak."

Cooper admits to initially being skeptical of the x-ray logic.

"Will an x-ray really help us get to the bottom of this world crisis?" He asked. "I'm thinking that we need some kind of control group."

"Luckily, the other one, being the Marie Curie of our times, has it covered," he said, referring to sister Kourtney's suggestion that they take an x-ray of her silicon breast implant to use as a comparison.

"I am so glad I did this x-ray!" Kim exclaimed upon receiving the veritable verdict that her butt is real.

But not as glad as Cooper, it seems: "I think I speak for the whole world when I say we are so glad too, Kim. We are so glad too."