Charles Barkley Joins Blue Jays Broadcast, Talks About Toronto, Phillies & NBA Lockout (VIDEO)

06/29/2011 04:00 pm ET | Updated Aug 29, 2011

The NBA may not return for a while, but Charles Barkley will always speak his mind. The former NBA star stopped by the Toronto Blue Jays broadcast on Tuesday night during the game against the Pittsburgh Pirates and discussed just about everything.

The TNT analyst talked about how Toronto is his favorite city because "it's like a clean New York" and it has "people with much better attitudes."

Barkley went on to explain how he is a huge baseball fan and that he goes to "about 15 Phillies games a summer." He started analyzing the Phillies and suggested that they need to make a trade because "they need somebody behind Ryan Howard."

After taking a couple jabs at Michael Jordan, Blue Jays broadcaster Buck Martinez asked Barkley to weigh in on the NBA labor situation.

"It's unfortunate especially with football now. I'll be honest with you. I always pull for the players. But we got to look at this from a realistic, business standpoint," he said.

"We have been in a recession for the last couple years. I can understand that some of these teams and owners are struggling, but the one thing that has not gone down has been players' salaries. Salaries keep going up, economy keeps going down. That's just reality."

He also said that the owners have a "legitimate gripe."

Scroll down and enjoy.

WATCH: (Via Sports Grid)