Cinefamily's Everything Is... Festival

06/29/2011 05:24 pm ET | Updated Aug 29, 2011

July 4th weekend marks the 2nd annual "Everything is... Festival" (EIF!) hosted by Cinefamily, Everything Is Terrible, and Indie Printing. Cinefamily at the Silent Movie Theater on Fairfax has become a staple of Los Angeles revival films and avant garde events. HuffPost spoke with Director of Outreach and Development Mya Stark about the upcoming festival and what not to miss.

John S. Rad's film "Dangerous Men" screens as part of the festival on July 3rd. The 2005 film was brought to EIF! by Hadrian Belove, co-founder of CineFile Video and Cinefamily. The movie, which Stark calls "a legend," seems to be incredibly unexplainable. Its tagline --"An unforgettable comedy suspense, mystery drama"--specifies nothing. Yet the few who have seen it "swap stories like veterans of a great war battle," says Stark. "People couldn't believe their eyes."

Other EIF! events to attend include Andrew W.K.'s party lecture chock-full of ideas and advice on how to "Party Hard," a retrospective "Conan O'Brien" writers panel, a preview of David O'Reilly and Vernon Chatman's new filthy cartoon, "The Agency," Negativland's panel on "Adventures In Illegal Art," and Thu Tran from IFC's "Food Party."

For more information on the 2nd Annual Everything Is... Festival and for festival passes please visit Cinefamily.

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