06/29/2011 07:43 am ET | Updated Aug 29, 2011

Clifford Reed, Bethune-Cookman University's Basketball Coach, Allegedly Fired For Refusing To Cooperate In Sexual Assault Investigation

The basketball coach at Bethune-Cookman University was fired on Monday after the university found an "internal administrative review" unsatisfactory.

However, according to a report in the Daytona-Beach News Journal the firing was a direct result of the fact that Clifford Reed was uncooperative in a sexual assault investigation in which his son was a suspect.

Clifford Reed has been the head basketball coach at Bethune-Cookman since 2001. He recently lead the team to the most successful season in the school's history, helped immensely by his son CJ Reed who was the star player on the team.

CJ Reed was named as a suspect in a sexual assault police report, released on Tuesday, filed by a female student at the university. Reed was never charged because the woman did not choose to follow through with the investigation. However, when the investigation was still active, Clifford Reed was apparently uncooperative

The Daytona-Beach News Journal. has more:

The [Chief of Police Mike Chitwood] said Clifford Reed was rude to his detectives and would not allow them to enter the men's basketball locker room to swab a black leather couch for DNA.
"He met them (the detectives) outside the locker room, he was sitting on the steps," Chitwood said regarding Clifford Reed. "He was very rude to them and said, 'You're not coming inside.' "

The woman alleged that she had been raped in the back of Reed's car after drinking too much and awoke on the couch of the boys basketball locker room.