Ethiopia Dams To Make Nation A 'Power Hub'

06/29/2011 07:58 am ET | Updated Aug 29, 2011

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — Ethiopia says it will build four more hydroelectric dams on the Nile river as part of a plan to become a power hub for Africa.

Ethiopian power corporation manager Mihret Debebe said Wednesday the dams could produce up to 11,000 megawatts and that work will start after 2015. He says the electricity will be exported to neighboring countries.

Ethiopia has already started building another Nile dam in the country's west. Officials say it will be the largest dam in Africa and can generate 5,250 megawatts.

Officials say the $4.7 billion cost for that dam can be met without foreign assistance.

Egypt has previously refused any deal that would reduce its share of the Nile and give more access to other countries. A 1929 colonial-era treaty gives Egypt majority rights to the Nile's waters.