07/08/2011 01:12 pm ET Updated Aug 29, 2011

Rami Nakhle, Exiled Syrian Cyber Activist, Answers Your Questions (LIVE Q&A)

During the uprising in Syria, the Syrian government has restricted media activity and worked to prevent activists from sending out information. Despite these efforts, activists have still managed to send out information by utilizing limited access to communications tools within Syria and communication networks of neighboring countries.

One of the main hubs of Syrian activist information has been the 28-year-old Rami Nakhle, who sends out information about what's going on in Syria under the pseudonym Malath Aumran.

He originally worked anonymously from Syria but after his identity was revealed by the Syrian government, he moved to the neighboring Lebanon for safety reasons.

He told CNN in April, "Half of my friends, close friends, are in jail right now in Syria. I really have nothing to lose. My role is to go talk in media, especially in Arabic TV station."

You can follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

Today, from 2-3 P.M. EST, Rami Nakhle will be answering any questions you might have about Syria, the power of social media, and his experience during as a cyber-activist. If you want to ask Rami a question, leave a comment or tweet your question under the hashtag #syriachat. Ask him anything!

Rami's Syrian-American friend will be helping translate his answers. The translator doesn't want to be named in order to protect the identity of relatives currently living in Syria.

07/08/2011 3:42 PM EDT

Question from @Souriyeh:
What advice would you give to young Syrian cyberactivits?
Answer: It is very important to know the rules of the virtual world and specially the security rules. Also, it is very important to take care of your virtual names as much as you save your real names.

تأكدوا من أنكم تعرفون جيداً قوانين العالم الإفتراضي وخصوصا الجانب الأمني منه واحرصوا على سمعة اسمائكم الإفتراضية تماماً كما تحرصون على أسمائكم الحقيقية

07/08/2011 3:26 PM EDT

Closing Statements

At the end, I would like to thank Huffington post for hosting this chat. For us, the unbiased, and independent media was a big help to transfer the bloody, violent picture of this regime to the whole world, which definitely helped in increasing the international pressure on this regime and in gaining solidarity, from the international community, with our cause.

شكرا للهافنغتون بوست لاستفاضتها هذا الحوار، وبالنسبة لنا كان الإعلام المستقل والحيادي عوناً كبيرا في نقل صورة النظام الحقيقية إلى العالم بكامله مما ساهم في زيادة الضغوط الدولية على هذا النظام وجذب تضامن أكبر من المجتمع الدولي مع قضيتنا

07/08/2011 3:16 PM EDT

How Strong Is The Pro-Regime Counter-Protesting Movement?

Question from @ericdotcom:

How strong is the pro-regime counter-protesting movement? Saw a large pro-Assad crowd in DC recently and it was startling to see.


I think the pro- regime movement is not strong at all. I remember when I was in college how we were forced to go in a pro regime demonstration. The Syrian regime is using all its power to be able to bring all these people , the regime will not be able to force people for long. If people do not have a case, they will not be willing to keep going out to support this regime, not even by threat

ليست قوية بالمطلق أنا كنت طالب جامعة في دمشق وأعرف كيف كان يتم اقتيادنا في مسيرات موالية للنظام، النظام اليوم يسخر كل أدواته للخروج بهذه المسيرات لكن من يخرج بهم لأنه بلا قضية لن يتمكن من مواصلة دفعهم للخروج

07/08/2011 3:13 PM EDT

Do You Think The American' Ambassador's Visit Was Useful To Hama?

Do you think the American embassador's visit was useful to Hama and why?


Yes, it was very useful. It helped in rescuing many people’s lives in Hama since we were expecting brutal violence by the security forces.

نعم كانت مفيدة بدرجة كبيرة فقد ساهمت في إنقاذ حياة بعض الأشخاص اليوم هناك إذ كنا نتوقع عنف كبير من قبل النظام هناك

07/08/2011 3:08 PM EDT

How Has Your Activism Changed Since You Moved To Lebanon

Question from @jbialer:

How has your activism changed since you moved to Lebanon?


Nothing changed for me. As a cyber activist, since we have internet, we can do all the activities that I need. Yet, I do miss being with my friends in the protests and miss them

لاشيء تغير بالنسبة لي فنحن كنشاط إفتراضيين بمجرد توفر الإنترنت بالنسبة لنا فكل شيء على ما يرام لكنني، أفتقد وجودي بين أصدقائي في المظاهرات وأفتقدهم

07/08/2011 3:03 PM EDT

What Role Does The Hacking Community Have In Obtaining Guarded Information?

Question from @benworcester:
What role, if any, does the hacking community play in obtaining highly-guarded information?


The role is still very weak in this area because the Syrian regime is still depending on the Internet to save its data and to process it.

الدور ضعيف جدا في هذا المجال لأن الحكومة السورية لازالت لا تعتمد على الإنترنت في حفظ بياناتها ومعالجتها

07/08/2011 2:25 PM EDT

What More Could The US Government Do To Support Syrian Freedom?

Question from GlobalSleuth:

What more could the US government do to support Syrian freedom?


To announce that Syrian regime is illegitmate and to push towards taking Assad to the international criminal court

نزع الشرعية عن نظام الأسد والضغط باتجاه محاكمته دولياً

07/08/2011 2:21 PM EDT

Is The Cyber Movement Motivating People On The Ground To Put Up A Fight For Freedom?

Question from @Tech_Correspond:

Is the cyber movt motivating ppl on the ground to put up a fight for freedom? Are you seeing any change in Syrian govt attitude?


Before the Arab spring, the virtual activities was an effective way to attract the youth’s attention to the public interest , but it was not enough to reach us to the revolution. Today, it is an effective way to organize the work on the ground. I think the people will change the regime before the regime even starts to change itself.

قبل الإنتفاضة العربية كان النشاط الإلكتروني وسيلة فعالة لجذب اهتمام الشباب إلى الشأن العام لكنها لم تكن كافية لتصل بنا إلى الثورة واليوم هو وسيلة فعالة في التنظيم على الأرض، أعتقد أن الشعب سيغير النظام قبل أن يبدأ النظام بتغيير نفسه

07/08/2011 2:17 PM EDT

Do Syrian Protesters Have A Strategy To Deal With The Regime's Tactic Of Brutalizing Cities?

Question from @Elizrael:

Do you think the Syrian protesters have a strategy to deal with the regime tactic of brutalizing one city after another?

Answer: Definitely the solution is to expand the demonstrations to the point where the security forces and the army cannot surrend them all together. This was the reason to attack a city by city.

طبعا الحل هو توسيع رقعة المظاهرات إلى درجة لا يمكن لكل قوى النظام وحتى الجيش من محاصرتها جميعاً ولهذا اعتمدو اجتياح مدينة بعد الأخرة

07/08/2011 2:13 PM EDT

What Is The Revolution Doing To Bring The Bourgeoise Of Halah And Damascus To Your Side?

Question from @RoyTohme:
What are you doing as a revolution to bring in the bourgeoisie of Halab and Damascus to your side?


I think that they are with us from the beginning of the uprising. The problem is that the heavy presence of the security forces which prevent people from gathering in big number. The solution is to put pressure on the regime to stop the violence.

أنهم إلى جانبنا منذ البداية أول مظاهرة كانت في قلب دمشق لكن المشكلة أن التواجد الكثيف لقوى الأمن هناك يمنع المتظاهرين من الإجتماع بأعداد كبيرة، الضغط على الحكومة لوقف العنف هو الحل

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