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Independence Day 2011: Heroes Of Self-Publishing, Amanda Hocking, John Locke And Other Indie Author Success Stories (PHOTOS)

First Posted: 06/29/11 08:44 AM ET   Updated: 08/29/11 06:12 AM ET

"I took the [road less] traveled by, and that has made all the difference." Yes, self-publishing for Amanda Hocking and John Locke was the road less traveled by and it did make all the difference. But self-publishing has also made a difference throughout American and British history. The story of self-publishing is the story of publishing in America and England. Ben Franklin and Tom Paine both did it, as you can see here .

Now that self-publishing has become so easy, now that there are so many options, the new breed of indie authors have decided to go it alone and they made it work.

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Amanda Hocking
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Anyone who knows the term "self-publishing" knows who Amanda Hocking is.

The paranormal romance author wrote 17 novels in her spare time, and began self-publishing them in April 2010. By early 2011, she had sold over a million copies of nine of her books. She earned over two million dollars in sales.

She recently signed her first traditional publishing contract with St. Martin's Press for four new books.
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