Bryan Cranston Joins 'Gangster Squad,' 'Argo'

06/30/2011 07:05 am ET | Updated Aug 30, 2011

Three consecutive Emmys really can do a wonder for a guy's career.

Bryan Cranston, who up until a few years ago was best known as the dad from "Malcom In The Middle," has experienced a mid-career renaissance of illustrious proportions thanks to his incredible run as cancer patient/high school teacher/meth dealer Walter White on "Breaking Bad." The role has netted him three straight Emmys for Leading Actor in a Drama, and now, is beginning to pay off in major ways on the big screen, too.

Having been cast earlier in the week in Ben Affleck's CIA-in-Iran film, "Argo," Variety now reports that Cranston has grabbed a major role in "Gangster Squad," the Sean Penn/Ryan Gosling film about real life gangster, Mickey Cohen. According to Variety, Cranston will play Max Kennard, a "laconic LAPD officer from Texas," in the 40s-set film. Penn will play Cohen, while Gosling will take the lead in chasing after his gangster.

These are just the latest roles for Cranston, who largely can only shoot films while he's not shooting his TV show. He appears Friday in the Tom Hanks vehicle, "Larry Crowne," playing Julia Roberts' porn-addicted blogger husband, and just finishing shooting a part as the mayor of Los Angeles in the star-studded big screen adaptation of the Broadway show, "Rock of Ages."

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