06/30/2011 10:01 am ET | Updated Aug 30, 2011

China's Three Levitating Government Officials Are The Latest Meme (PICTURES)

Earlier this week, a member of popular Chinese internet forum Tinaya Club visited a government website and was greeted by a photo so horribly Photoshopped he had to share it. The image, featured prominently on the Huili County site, allegedly depicted three local officials standing on a newly-paved road, but the shoddy Photoshop work made the men appear to be hovering instead of standing.

The photo has since turned into a full-blown meme in China and across the internet, with people editing the "three levitating government officials" (as they're now called) into all kinds of scenes.

We decided to take a couple of swings at the meme ourselves, but we bet you guys can do better. Download the levitating government officials and make a photoshop of your own, and then upload it to the slideshow for everyone to enjoy!