Soul Daddy, Winner of 'America's Next Great Restaurant,' Closes Final Remaining Outpost In Mall of America

06/30/2011 09:23 am ET | Updated Aug 30, 2011

The "About Us" section on the website for Soul Daddy, the "healthy soul food" chain started by America's Next Great Restaurant-winner Jamawn Woods, says that Woods was glad to win the TV show because "Opportunities for a self-taught chef are few and far between." Those opportunities are now even fewer and further between. Soul Daddy has closed its third and final location in the Mall of America, Eater writes.

This closure comes just two weeks after the Soul Daddy team announced that they had closed the other two Soul Daddy restaurants, in New York and Los Angeles, and just a month and a half after the chain opened. At that time, they explained that they were shuttering the LA and NYC locations so they could "focus on developing the best restaurant" possible in Minneapolis. Turns out this was a case when "the best they can" just wasn't good enough for the restaurant's underwriters, ANGR Holdings.

Soul Daddy explained the closure with the following statement:

After careful consideration and a thorough review of its performance, we have decided to close Soul Daddy at the Mall of America. This was a difficult decision for us, as we wanted to see Soul Daddy succeed, but the restaurant simply was not performing as we had hoped. We'd like to thank all of the customers who tried our restaurants and the people who worked hard to try to make the restaurants succeed.

--Soul Daddy Restaurants