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A Love Story Shot On The Nokia N8 Phone (VIDEO)

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What do you get when you combine two people in love, Paris, New York, and a Nokia phone?

The answer is the winner of the Nokia Shorts 2011 contest, a two and a half minute long movie shot using only the Nokia N8 phone. "Splitscreen: A Love Story," directed by JW Griffiths with director of photography Christopher Moon took the first place prize for an award of $10,000.

Eight finalists were given $5,000, two Nokia N8s and a few weeks to make their films, with premieres at the Edinburgh Film Festival. "Splitscreen" is the sweet fable of a man and a woman, one in Paris, the other in New York, living their respective lives in splitscreen view, until finally, the two meet, and the screens merge.

See the video above, then see the other videos in the series here.

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