06/30/2011 07:29 pm ET | Updated Aug 30, 2011

Work Husbands: Tweet A Description Of Yours With #workhusband

You know who he is: He backs you up in meetings. He emails you non-essential information -- frequently. When he goes the vending machine, he buys for you, too, and at work events, he knows whether you want red or white. He knows your spouse, if you have one, and kids, if you have them. You know his. You have each other’s cell numbers, just in case … of what you’re not sure. He’s your constant companion, but unlike in your relationship outside of work, you don’t have to sleep with him … which doesn’t mean you haven’t thought about it.

A work husband isn’t necessary to your professional success, but having one sure makes the office a lot more … interesting.

Here at HuffPost Women, we’re doing an in-depth study of this special breed of colleague. To help us with our research, tweet the qualities of your work husband @HuffPostWomen using the hashtag #workhusband, and we'll feature your descriptions in the slideshow below. All in the name of science, of course.

Tell Us About Your 'Work Husband'