'24-Hour Layover:' Details About Anthony Bourdain's New Show Emerge

07/01/2011 11:38 am ET | Updated Aug 31, 2011

No one can argue that Anthony Bourdain hasn't found his niche. Based on the success of No Reservations, Bourdain is now working on a semi-spinoff series set to debut in fall 2011 called 24-Hour Layover. The inspiration for the series came from the fact that Bourdain and his team realized that it is nearly impossible for viewers to duplicate the experiences in No Reservations (for example, eating at El Bulli). So, in some ways, 24-Hour Layover is basically a more approachable version. Bourdain explains:

The crew and I got drunk one night and said, “hey, let’s make Samantha Brown’s show! Only….different…and good!” Unlike No Rez, you will actually be able to do the stuff covered on the show. And unlike other shows of the genre, you might actually want to. We were very pleased with the techniques show—which was also a very classic, well travelled and restrictive format. We managed to make that fun and interesting and put our own stamp on it. So why not this? It’s faster, more democratic and more caffeinated than No Rez. But just as obnoxious.

Eater is optimistic and thinks the show has the potential to be "very, very good." The format, from the little we know, sounds a bit familiar. But hey, if anyone can revitalize the eat-and-travel-around-a-city genre, it's probably Bourdain.