07/01/2011 02:45 pm ET | Updated Aug 31, 2011

Helena Bonham Carter Dishes On Modeling For Marc Jacobs

But apparently getting to star in a Marc Jacobs campaign comes with directions. Carter told Elle:

"In fact there were strict instructions, 'Please make sure she wears shoes that were different colors.' It came out like that. I find that it's all play. That was what was so fun. Suddenly I found I was pretending to be a dog on the floor, snarling at Juergen, then I was Judy Garland in her latter days. We went through all different kinds of scenarios, but it was fun, it was really good fun."

Sounds like fun! It probably helped that Teller, who has photographed nearly every Marc Jacobs advertisement, is a free-spirit like his subject. Said Carter:

"Usually when you do press or advertisement and you're hired as a model, it's usually quite anal an affair, everybody has their say. You're not really being you, you're selling something. But [the Marc Jacobs campaign] was so liberating."

The result was crazy photos like the one below, leaked online by Teller himself. Who needs Marc when you've got Juergen?