People Seen Feeding Black Bears Puts Bears And Humans In Danger (VIDEO)

07/01/2011 04:45 pm 16:45:16 | Updated Aug 31, 2011

Colorado Division of Wildlife is looking for two or more people who were reportedly seen hand-feeding Burger King cheeseburgers to a black bear and her two cubs.

The mother and cubs attracted a cluster of people while digging through the Burger King dumpster and witnesses reported told Eagle police they even saw people go in the fast food restaurant and buy food for the bears.

“This is an extraordinary example of stupid and irresponsible behavior by people,” said Northwest Regional Manager Ron Velarde. “Because of their reckless actions, the sow and the cubs now know that people mean food. This dramatically increases the likelihood that these bears will get into trouble in the future and have to be put down.”

According to the Colorado Division of Wildlife, black bears can smell food up to five miles away and they remember where their last meal came from, which is one reason why people are strongly discouraged from feeding them.

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