07/01/2011 11:34 am ET | Updated Aug 31, 2011

Rupert Grint Talks Emma Watson Kiss In 'Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, Part Two' In Attitude Magazine

It's the kiss the whole world is waiting for, but don't expect Rupert Grint to be building any hype for it.

Actually, he thinks kissing Emma Watson is kind of gross.

Grint, as Ron Weasley in the "Harry Potter" series, is finally paired off with Watson's Hermoine in the final film of the series, the upcoming "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2." But while it's a happily-ever-after story for the Hogwarts students who spent much of their time at the wizarding school in some sort of simmering rivalry or straight up fight, Grint told Attitude Magazine that he was less than enthusiastic to film their long awaited smooch.

"The kissing scene in the next one," he answered when the magazine asked which scene he was dreading before filming. "It was actually fine. It seemed like the most unnatural thing to do, to kiss this person I'd known since she was nine. It took a while to get into it and put our friendship aside. It's quite full-on, a proper snog. We're soaking wet as well - they dumped gallons of water on us and then we just went for it. We laughed a lot and it took us a while to concentrate. We did it about four times."

Back in 2009, Watson shared the same sort of sentiment, labeling the situation an awkward one.

"Rupert and I were quite nervous that it might look ingenuous as we were so desperate to get it over with. Rupert and I felt the pressure of this kiss, there's so much interest," she said (via the NY Daily News). "This is ten years worth of tension and hormones and chemistry and everything one moment. We had to ace it. Kissing is awkward, kissing is always awkward."

(Maybe she was wishing that it had been with her big screen enemy/off-screen crush, Draco?)

In fact, Grint didn't necessarily envision Ron ending up with Hermoine -- mostly because he thought he'd be a goner by the end.

"I kind of expected Ron to die. I thought someone out of the three of us wasn't going to make it," he confessed. "I wasn't nervous, I was excited. I wouldn't have minded dying really but I was really pleased with the ending. It's kind of nice to see the whole 19-years later thing. I got the book at the same time everyone else did and I read it in a day!"

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