07/01/2011 02:42 pm ET | Updated Aug 31, 2011

Trailer For Jill Andresevic's Love Etc. , Opening Today (Video)

Inspiration for Jill Andresevic's new documentary, Love Etc., came from a trip to City Hall in New York City.

"This was [executive producer] Jonathan Tisch’s idea. He was at City Hall in New York with his [now] wife Lizzie, getting their marriage certificate, and they looked around the room and saw all these people of different ages and ethnicities," Andresevic told" The two of them were in love, and they loved New York, and they found what they saw completely inspiring."

A kind of real-life version of 'Love Actually', the film follows a handful of these diverse New York couples as they navigate their way through love, old age, break-ups, marriage and children.

Love Etc... opens today at Landmark Sunshine and City Cinemas, and in other cities throughout July.