07/02/2011 05:04 pm ET | Updated Sep 01, 2011

Motivational Texts Can Help Curb Smoking, Study Shows (VIDEO)

It's the power of a positive influence.

A new study has shown that a simple motivational text message can significantly curb smoking in those looking to quit. It almost sounds too good to be true, but the five-message-per-day program was able to significantly reduce smoking.

Users could also text "crave" or "lapse" to the service for extra support.

The 'txt2stop' trial tested the effects of inspirational text messages designed to encourage quitting on almost 3,000 smokers.

Participants were twice as likely to banish their habit as another group sent texts unrelated to smoking.

The text messages, designed by experts with the help of smokers, provided encouragement up to "quit day", advice on keeping off weight while quitting, and help with craving.