Most Unflattering Wimbledon Faces (PHOTOS)

07/02/2011 10:58 am ET | Updated Sep 01, 2011

Playing tennis is hard work, and while players often take great consideration into how they look and what they're wearing (mostly logos) before they step out on the court, all of that goes away the moment the match starts. You simply can't play to win if you're worried about making a weird face that some photographer with a telephoto lens is going to capture. I mean, if you were worried about some comedy Web site being so rude as to take all of those unflattering photos and put them into a slideshow to make people laugh, how could you destroy your opponent? You couldn't.

So, in that spirit... OMG, you guys, look at these hilariously unflattering Wimbledon faces!

Unflattering Wimbledon Photos

All photos courtesy of AP

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