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iPhone 5 Orders Placed By Apple: Pegatron To Ship 15 Million By September (REPORT)

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A new iPhone rumor out of Taiwan suggests that manufacturing is about to begin on Apple's next handset, alternately called iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S.

"[U]pstream component makers" told DigiTimes that design and manufacturing service Pegatron Technology has received "orders for 15 million iPhone 5s (iPhone 4S) from Apple."

DigiTimes's source claims that Pegatron, which Apple hired to manufacture the Verizon iPhone, will begin work on the next-generation iPhone, which "does not seem to have any major update from iPhone 4."

The source said that the new handsets will be ready to ship by September 2011.

Previous rumors have claimed about as much. The release that is rumored for the fall is said to feature somewhat improved specs and a nearly identical body design to the current iPhone 4.

Speculation about the device's release date has varied. While some foresee a summer launch, others predict autumn. Still others have claimed that Apple will release two separate iPhone models in 2011, one targeted at high-end consumers and one intended for developing markets.

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