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From Papaya King to Coney Dog: Ranking LA's Hot Dogs

Papaya King

  First Posted: 07/05/11 01:15 PM ET Updated: 09/04/11 06:12 AM ET

Eating hot dogs isn't just reserved for the July 4th holiday (though, in fact, that's what we did). In Los Angeles, it's a year-round culinary habit, and it's particularly prevalent in the summer months -- July is, in fact, National Hot Dog Month. You'll no doubt savor a Dodger Dog at least once during the regular season, and you might get stuck taking out-of-towners to Pink's (we can't think of a single local that would stand in that line self-willingly). Want to give another dog a bite? Below, we pit five hot dogs against each other -- four newer dogs and one forever underdog -- and here, we'll begin power rankings from worst to best:

Photos by Lien Ta

Papaya King
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NYC's beloved Papaya King set up shop in Hollywood last month -- complete with a you-need-to-be-on-the-list secret bar in which you access via the yellow door beside the juice bar. We asked for the most popular wiener, and we got the Homerun, a skinny little thing covered in kraut and New York onions. The latter is grilled onions lathered in a red sauce that's not too far from what we grew up calling "sweet 'n' sour." The kraut was, thus, overpowered, and the dog ... well, it was fine, if you prefer to eat your hot dog like a chicken nugget. At $2.50 a dog, this was by far the cheapest -- in every way.
Papaya King, 1645 Wilcox Avenue, at Hollywood Boulevard (323-871-8799 or
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