07/06/2011 02:58 pm ET | Updated Sep 05, 2011

Anderson Cooper On What It Was Like Growing Up With Mom Gloria Vanderbilt (VIDEO)

For Anderson Cooper, growing up with Gloria Vanderbilt as a mom was totally normal.

Except, of course, that women wearing her denim line across America had her name emblazoned across their backsides.

In a preview video for his upcoming eponymous daytime talk show (set to debut September 12), Anderson Cooper answers a Twitter follower's question: "What was it like growing up with a famous fashion designer as a mother?"

Well, Anderson says, it was pretty normal. Until she got famous:

"I didn't really realize my mom was famous until probably when I started to be a teenager and started to suddenly see her name on people's butts. That was a little strange. My brother and I actually used to have a game where we would count how many people we saw wearing her name when that whole thing first started."

That was back in 1976, when Cooper's mom put her storied name on the back pocket of a new line of denim and sold the form-fitting Gloria Vanderbilt Jeans in awesome commercials like the one below ("a nice snug hug makes every girl feel beautiful!")