Andrew David Thompson, Michigan State University Student, Says He Killed 13 Italian Greyhounds Because He Was 'Frustrated'

07/06/2011 11:15 am ET | Updated Sep 05, 2011

A former medical student at Michigan State University allegedly killed 13 dogs because he was frustrated with them, the Lansing State Journal reported on Wednesday.

Andrew David Thompson told the police he had been killing Italian greyhounds since September 2010. According to court records, Thompson would throw the dogs against the wall or beat them until they were dead. After he had killed the dogs, Thompson would reportedly "freak out" and "cry." Then he would put the dogs into a garbage bag and throw them into a dumpster.

His roommate apparently "lost count" of how many dogs had gone in and out of their apartment.

Thompson confessed to animal control that he would often get mad at the dogs for not coming when he called them or having accidents in his apartment.

"He got frustrated they didn't want to stay with him," Animal Control Deputy Jodi LeBombard, testified at Thompson's hearing, according to transcripts. "And that made him upset."

It is unclear how old the dogs were, but they were often referred to as "puppies" in court records.

Thompson is facing 10 felony counts of animal killing.

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