Lydia Tillman, Fort Collins Woman, Found 'Severely Beaten' After An Apparent Jump From Her Burning Apartment Building

07/06/2011 10:58 am ET | Updated Sep 05, 2011

Fort Collins, Colorado police are still investigating the events that led Lydia Tillman, 30, to an apparent jump out of her burning apartment from a second-story window after being assaulted and left in critical condition.

Tuesday morning, authorities arriving on the scene reported that Tillman appeard to have been “severely beaten” by an unknown assailant prior to her jumping out of her burning apartment, the Coloradoan reports. However, police and fire officials determined there were no other occupants in the apartment and no sign of forced entry.

Firefighters found Tillman in the backyard of her apartment building, while the second-story apartment burned. She had burns from the fire, injuries from the jump, along with injuries from what appears to be a recent assault, according to 7News.

Authorities said that due to the extent of Tillman’s injuries, she has not yet been able to speak to police about the incident and according to the Coloradoan, Fort Collins police are not saying the fire is being investigated as arson or accident.

Tillman is being treated at a local hospital, she remains in critical condition.