Google+ Doesn't Allow Business Profiles--Yet

07/07/2011 10:37 am ET | Updated Sep 06, 2011

While Google+ is still invite-only, plenty of companies have already gotten onto the site to create business profiles alongside the personal profiles that other users have made.

But Google doesn't want that. According to a post written by Christian Oestlien on the Google+ blog, the company will remove profiles built for businesses. However, Google will run an experiment in the next few months testing brand profiles in an effort to please business owners.

"We have been watching Google+ take shape over the last week and we've seen some really great companies get involved. But frankly we know our product as it stands is not optimally suited to their needs," Oestlien wrote.

Google noted that users communicate differently with each other than they do with brands, promising that they have "a great team of engineers actively building an amazing Google+ experience for businesses" to premiere later in the year.

For now, however, Google is "discouraging" businesses from building profiles and say they will actively take down non-user profiles. Google will run a test with a few businesses to try out profiles for those companies, who can sign up to apply to participate at this link.

Watch Oestlien's video explainer below: (Having problems viewing this video? Click here.)