07/07/2011 11:58 am ET | Updated Sep 06, 2011

Denver Qwest Building Will Swap Sign To Centurylink

Denver -- bright lights, big city? For a capitol that seeks to push an upscale cow-town image, Denver's skyline has more impressive architecture than you can shake a stick at. And while the Qwest building may not fit neatly into the "impressive architecture" segment, the tower is iconic for most Denverites.

It's also about to change.

Following Qwest's merger with CenturyLink, the gigantic signs that top the building will be swapped out. CenturyLink logos will adorn the building instead. Work will begin on the switch Monday, July 11, with an expected completion by early August.

The 52-story tower has seen cameos in Denver's skyline on SouthPark and during the Democratic National Convention, and has served as the backdrop to countless Rockies games -- including a World Series. All this despite earlier anger the neon blue Qwest sign was bright enough to blind people in Golden (it has since been dimmed).

Completed in 1983, the building has hosted Qwest (and its earlier iterations) since the beginning. The building owner, Public Service Enterprise, is currently negotiating with CenturyLink to extend the lease.

Qwest's logos elsewhere in Colorado will also be replaced, including the company's fleet of vehicles.