Google+ vs. Facebook: How Their Video Chats Compare (VIDEO)

07/07/2011 02:36 pm ET | Updated Sep 06, 2011

Circles vs. lists, +1 vs. "like" buttons, Hangouts vs. Video Calling: the Google+ v. Facebook battle is in full force.

On June 29, Google launched its new social network, Google+. One of its most obvious advantages to Facebook was the "Hangout" function, which allows users to participate in free group video chats. (Check out other things to know about Google+.)

But exactly one week later, on July 6, Facebook announced the "something awesome" Mark Zuckerberg had promised: Skype video chat integration, which he dubbed Video Calling.

The two platforms share many features, including a profile page, groups, and friend updates. In the video above, take a look at how Facebook's new video chat service stacks up to hangouts.