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In Praise Of The On-Off Relationship

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Justin Timberlake and his girlfriend of four years, the beautiful actress Jessica Biel, were reportedly seen noshing on pork tacos in Toronto over the weekend. Ah, young love...

Wait a gosh darn second! Didn't these two break up, like, four months ago? And then Timberlake was dating Olivia Wilde and then his Friends With Benefits co-star Mila Kunis? Also, didn't Timberlake and Biel break up a bunch of times before this break up? And then get back together? And then, um, break up?

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, it seems, are caught in the grip of the On-Off relationship. And they are not alone. There was also Jude Law and Sienna Miller; Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer; Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson.

Oh, and a lot of "real people" get caught up in this cycle too. One female friend has been On-Offing with a guy for over two years. A male friend emailed me that he and his girlfriend had broken up, and I actually asked him who this woman was, since, so far as I knew, he and his girlfriend had broken up eons ago. I had somehow missed the several reunions in between.

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