YouTube Problems: Users Report Issues Viewing Videos (UPDATE)

07/07/2011 10:22 am ET | Updated Sep 06, 2011

YouTube users have been reporting issues viewing videos for the past several hours.

Though the website remains up, some users who apparently can't view videos say that a static black box appears in place of the video content. Media buttons have also disappeared for those users.

A Twitter search reveals that the problem isn't affecting all users--many are able to view YouTube content without an issue. For those experiencing the glitch, however, content is unavailable, as is content embedded on third-party sites like

@Xecunet proposes a quick-fix to the issue: "Having problems getting your YouTube videos to load? Replace http with https in your address bar."

Have you noticed these issues yourself? Leave advice for other users in the comments (below). Then, check out some user reactions to the outage (here).

UPDATE: A YouTube spokesperson has reached out to the Huffington Post with the following statement: "Some YouTube users encountered an issue today that prevented YouTube videos from playing back on the site. Our engineers looked into the issue and have pushed out a fix."

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