Celebrity Divorce: Stars Who Sold Their Jewelry Post-Split

07/08/2011 02:43 pm ET | Updated Sep 07, 2011

Sometimes, memories of past relationships are too painful to keep around. Think back to those love letters you burned or the old sweaters you gave to Goodwill.

When a celebrity relationship goes south, selling off its spoils can come with a few added bonuses: not only do their objects tend toward the luxurious, but selling them off amounts to something of a public cleanse--a clear message to the world that "I'm so over it."

Below, 5 celebrities who auctioned off some of the most intimate gifts from their married (or in one case, soon-to-be-married) lives after their relationships ended: their jewelry. Click through the slides and let us know: which #GiftsFromTheEx did you sell off after your split?

Stars Who Sold Their Jewelry Post-Split
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