07/08/2011 02:41 pm ET | Updated Sep 07, 2011

Colorado Teachers Union Fights Arrest Disclosure Rules

Colorado's largest teacher's union is asking a judge to toss new regulations that require teacher arrests to be publicly disclosed.

From the Coloradoan:

In a lawsuit filed in Denver District Court, the Colorado Education Association calls the new rules "arbitrary and/or capricious," "vague" and an "abuse of or a clearly unwarranted exercise of discretion."

The current rules were unanimously passed by the state Board of Education in April. The regulations do not state how to report arrests, nor is there an enforcement policy, so districts are on the honor system. Districts also don't have to report the specific charge for the arrest, according to Education News Colorado.

The rule applies only to arrests and charges for felony or misdemeanor charges of sexual assault against those who are in direct contact with students. Parents of children must receive the notifications.

The Union argues that the regulations were pushed through board approval "based on isolated incidences where his local school district failed to notify parents of criminal allegations against two school teachers," the Coloradoan reports.

The rules also require that districts report drug arrests and charges, excluding those for possession of marijuana. Charter schools are expected to comply, but private schools, kindergartens and day-cares are not.