James Murdoch Defends News International Chief Executive Rebekah Brooks

07/08/2011 01:08 pm ET | Updated Sep 07, 2011

James Murdoch defended embattled News International executive Rebekah Brooks in a video posted on the Guardian Friday.

Now serving as the current Chief Executive of News International, Brooks was the editor of News Of The World during a number of the voicemail hackings that resulted in a complete shutdown of the paper Thursday. Brooks, who maintains that she did not know about the hacks, offered her resignation from News International, but it was refused, and the Murdochs seem to be standing behind her.

"I am satisfied that Rebekah -- her leadership in this business and her standard of ethics and her standard of conduct thorughout her career -- are very good," Murdoch said in the video. "And I think what she's shown, and what we have shown, with our actions around transparently and proactively working with the police, recall it's the process of information discovery that we went through proactively and voluntarily that actually started these investigations to be opened again by the police earlier this year."

Not everyone is supporting Brooks. British Prime Minister David Cameron -- a friend of Brooks -- said that had he been her superior and was offered her resignation, "in this situation, I would have taken it."

WATCH Murdoch's statements below:

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