07/08/2011 08:16 am ET | Updated Sep 07, 2011

John Galliano To Collaborate With Topshop? Update: No

Update: This one went down quickly. Green contacted Vogue UK to say, "I saw John Galliano at Kate's wedding last Friday. I did not discuss any business with him then, nor have I since."

Previously: Today in fashion fact-or-fiction: dismissed Dior designer John Galliano could be back in business with a collection for Topshop.

Vogue UK writes that Galliano and Sir Philip Green "converged last week" at Kate Moss' nuptials and "the plan was conceived, but discussions -- which are said to be in the earliest stages -- look set to take place soon." The glossy adds that Galliano worked chez Topshop when he was in school and "the move would be a fashion resurrection for Galliano, currently awaiting judgement for charges of public insult in Paris, especially as his return would be under the wing of Green, one of the country's most influential Jewish businessmen."

We're not entirely sold on this story -- after all, it seems all of Green's dinner dates are in line for some sort of collaboration with his fashion chain, from Gwyneth Paltrow to Courtney Love (that one was later denied).

But whether or not you buy the rumors, we'd still like to know if you'd buy the clothes.