Online Break-Up Letter Slideshow of Shame

07/25/2011 01:40 pm ET | Updated Sep 07, 2011
  • Katie Bindley The Huffington Post

Breakups are tough. They're rife with unanswered questions, with things unsaid. Except when things are said. Enter the breakup email.

"Some are like autopsies," said Anna Holmes, founder of Jezebel and editor of an anthology of famous break-up letters from women titled Hell Hath No Fury.

Holmes explained that these kiss-offs come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes the writer is looking to determine the cause of death of the relationship, or using the email as a form of catharsis and therapy. Other varieties include the "I want you back" missive and the self-aggrandizing "Here's what's wrong with you and what's right with me" letter.

"Whatever feeling you can possibly feel at the end of the relationship can be reflected in these letters," she said.

That means break-up emails are often filled with raw, uncensored emotions and often sent off into that black hole known as the Internet, where a single sentence lives forever.

Recently, an unfortunate OKCupid user sent a long and critical email to a girl he'd been on just three dates with explaining why the two wouldn't be seeing each other anymore. His e-mail ended up on Gawker.

"You have to assume when you're writing this sort of thing that 10,000 people are going to see it," Holmes said. "Once you send it there's no going back."

So if you must put your feelings into words -- and it's okay if you must -- think carefully before you put them into an email, and even more carefully before you send. Holmes suggested having a trusted friend look over your letter first.

Otherwise it might end up here, cataloged in our slideshow of horrible breakup emails that got away: