07/08/2011 06:00 pm ET | Updated Sep 07, 2011

Providence Lamultt, 81, Has Sold Flavored Ice From Bronx Apartment For 25 Years (VIDEO)

For 25 years, 81-year-old Providence Lamultt, known around the neighborhood affectionately as "Gramma", has been selling flavored ices from her second story apartment window on Tiebout Avenue in the Bronx. The locals drop 50 cents into a metal bucket, which she then raises up to the window, and then lowers back down again with her refreshing, homemade frozen treats inside.

"They are the best ices I've ever had. All natural ingredients. Nothing better on a hot summer day," neighbor Jesus Estevez, 24, told The New York Daily News.

Another loyal customer, Kris Hernandez, 31, said, "You can't buy these at a store. Gramma's ices are so unique. The coconut has real chunks of coconut."

As Gothamist points out, Gramma's homemade treats could be an easy target for the Department of Health. There's obviously no health inspection letter grade posted in her window, she's not wearing gloves, and she probably never bothered to get a license for sidewalk vending. So let's hope Gramma isn't slipping booze into any of her frozen ice, lest the authorities find out someone in the Bronx is selling Nutcracker, which we all know the NYPD hates.

The News put together this very charming video of the whole operation.