08/14/2011 04:20 pm ET | Updated Oct 11, 2012

Bantu Wax: Sustainable Style

If you're headed off to the beach this weekend, you might want to be a little bit more conscious of what you'll bring to wear. We aren't talking about packing lightly, we're talking about grabbing a bikini from Bantu before your getaway. The swimwear line's not only stellar for the sun and sand, it's also a company that's focused on creating jobs, safe working environments and sustainable livelihoods, in impoverished areas throughout Africa.

Since beginning Bantu in 2008, Yodit Ecklund has made it her mission to not only design beautiful suits for both men and women but to also give work to local African artisans and help the economies in several small struggling states. Every single piece from Bantu is 100% made in Africa, using uniquely vibrant prints that reflect African culture, as well as patterns rooted in traditional West African textiles.

So instead of tossing that old black bikini into your summer vacation bag, this year try something new, something bright and bold and most importantly, something with a lot more heart and soul.