Jenna Wolfe Of 'The Today Show' Investigates Hamburger University, Where McDonald's Trains Its Managers

07/11/2011 10:15 am ET | Updated Sep 10, 2011

McDonald's isn't known for culinary fireworks, but it at least has consistency on its side. A Big Mac's a Big Mac the world around--in no small part because of Hamburger University, the training ground for McDonald's managers. Students at the six global outposts of Hamburger University take one week of classes in managing, service and cooking to ensure parity at the 32,000 McDonald's around the world.

Jenna Wolfe of the Today Show did a segment on Hamburger University, talking to teachers and students for a full look behind the scenes. Her video culminates in a simulation of a McDonald's drive-through, in which Wolfe discovers that not all is as it appears. Watch the video below:


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