Natalie Irish Creates Amazing Portraits Using Only Her Lips (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

07/11/2011 03:13 am ET | Updated Sep 09, 2011

Houston artist Natalie Irish paints, or rather kisses, portraits of cultural figures using only her lipsticked lips. According to Irish's website, she "has been creating works of art since in utero. Following her birth, Natalie Irish quickly began to shock and amaze every entity with her astonishing artwork of all conceivable mediums and dominate all competitions of the arts."

The shockingly realistic portraits are beautifully rendered images of pop culture icons, and if you looked at them without knowing Irish's unique method, you might not be able to tell how they were created. Lips aren't the only distinct way Natalie Irish paints, she's also completed portraits using her thumbprints and ink. What's next for Irish? Apparently, her next task is adjusting to her "new life as a CYBORG..."

See her at work, and the finished product below.

Artist Natalie Irish Paints With Her Lips

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