07/12/2011 06:17 pm ET | Updated Sep 11, 2011

405 Closure: Did It Have To Happen Over Two Weekends?

As Los Angeles prepares for the three-day 405 closure (starting this Friday!), there are a flurry of last minute updates being released every day. What's new for Tuesday, July 12:

  • The southbound PCH lane currently under construction will open up to make the highway three lanes during Carmageddon weekend. (CBS LA)

  • Westside and Valley stores are coming up with sales and deals to entice residents to shop locally over the weekend. But will it also tempt some non-local Angelenos to try traversing the city? (ABC 7)
  • The LAPD has issued a warning to the city to avoid the canyon roads as a way to circumvent the 405 closure. (NBC LA)
  • Is closing the 405 over two weekends (starting this friday, and again in 2012) the best use of the city's time and money? ABC 7's Carlos Granda raises the question and says an alternate plan would have cost $10 million and would have only required one weekend closure. (ABC 7)
  • Cars won't be able to park on portions of Ventura and Sepulveda Boulevards in order to keep traffic moving along these major roads. Parked cars risk being towed! (LAist)