How You Can Conquer Your Fears (VIDEO)

07/12/2011 12:48 pm ET | Updated Sep 11, 2011

When addressing and conquering our fears, we need to take a strong approach, says Dr. Iyanla Vanzant of the Inner Vision Institute in this video from GAIAM. She suggests fearful individuals undergo a "ruthless, almost vigilant" exploration of their thoughts, identify those that create their fears and then "dismantle them."

How can we do this? Among other tips discussed in the video, Vanzant recommends deep breathing when we begin to feel panicked or scared.

Vanzant says dealing with our fears can, for many, be accomplished using only ourselves. "We have a tendency to look 'outside' -- let me take this pill, read this book ... when the strength that we need to overcome our fear is really within us," she says in the video. In the end, she explains, you'll find your fears are really nothing to be afraid of.

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