07/12/2011 04:54 pm ET | Updated Sep 11, 2011

Denver City Council Repeals Initiative 100, Impound Law Targeting Illegal Immigrants

The Denver City Council voted 9-1 Monday night to overturn a citizen initiative that heightened punitive measures on unlicensed drivers, reports the Denver Post.

Originally passed in 2008 by Denver voters, KDVR reports that Initiative 100 required police to impound the cars of people driving without a license. To get an impounded car back, drivers had to pay a $2,500 bond which would not be returned if the car was driven by an unlicensed driver with a year. A $100 ticket also would be issued to the driver, which supporters argued would help offset the cost of the measure.

Then-Mayor John Hickenlooper argued against the initiative, citing the extreme costs associated with impounding and storing the vehicles. The measure was reported by the Denver Post to cost the city of Denver an estimated $2.3 million annually in staffing increases and impound-lot related expenses at a time when budgets had to be cut drastically.

Opponents of the measure say it created a danger of lawsuits against the city and unfairly targeted illegal immigrants. This is particularly an issue as immigration enforcement is a state and federal responsibility.

The repeal will go into effect August 1.

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