Elvis Presley Look-alike Robs English Betting Parlors

07/12/2011 09:03 am ET | Updated Sep 10, 2011

You ain't nothin' but a jailbird . . .

Elvis Presley made his fortune shaking his hips, but he's inspired a robber in England who prefers to make his by shaking bookies down, according to the Sun.

The rocking robber, who was armed, held up a Ladbrokes betting shop in Brighton, England, yesterday and rolled the place for between $634 and $793 while wearing an Elvis Presley-style disguise -- complete with fake sideburns and Aviator sunglasses, the BBC reported.

Police suspect the Presley-inspired burglar also held up a William Hill betting parlor on July 7, except he wore a fake beard instead of the fake sideburns. Witnesses say he had a black handgun and grabbed a set of keys before escaping, sources told Brighton and Hove News.

No one was hurt in either robbery.

Police are combing the area looking for the suspect who is 6 ft. with dark hair. And they are hoping to have him in handcuffs the next time he leaves the building.

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