07/12/2011 02:51 pm ET | Updated Sep 11, 2011

Ron Swanson's 'Parks & Recreation' Tammy Two Update

When Nick Offerman revealed to The Huffington Post who he wanted to join his show, "Parks and Recreation," as his character Ron Swanson's crazy ex-wife Tammy 1 (indeed, he has two ex-wives named Tammy), a viral campaign lit Pawnee on fire.

"We're trying to start a campaign to get Oprah to play Tammy 1," Offerman told The Huffington Post in June. "I think Oprah would be the only, she's the only person we can think of that might be intimidating to Megan Mullally. It would be so good."

Mullally, Offerman's real life wife, of course, plays Tammy 2, and was absolutely behind the potential casting.

"Yeah, that was actually both of our pitch," she recently told Splitsider, as part of a much longer discussion. "That pitch originally came from a guy who I've known since first grade who lives in Oklahoma City. That's where I grew up. Nick and I were in Oklahoma City about a month ago, visiting my mom. We were having dinner with this guy and he said, 'What about Oprah?' And Nick and I were like, 'Yeah! What about Oprah?'"

Unfortunately, it didn't quite work out.

"So, then we blabbed to everybody who would listen, but I don't think it's happening," she said. "Not because of Oprah. I just don't think they went that direction. We were pitching a lot of people. We were pitching like Helen Mirren and just everybody."

Still, executive producer Mike Schur promises something just as rewarding -- even if they haven't casted her yet.

"We talked about pretty much every possible iteration of who she is and what her backstory is and all we knew is that we didn't want to do the same thing we did with Tammy 2," he told TV Guide, inferring that the first Tammy won't be the super passive aggressive, sexually charged library tyrant that the second one is.

"Tammy 1 is her own specific brand of demon. I think we came up with backstory for her that's both funny and illuminating and also answers all of the questions that you would have when seeing people's reactions to her presence in the finale."

If true, Pawnee may never be the same.

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