07/12/2011 01:01 pm ET | Updated Sep 11, 2011

Will Forte Joins 'Rock Of Ages' Film

It's a film about Hollywood, so why not add yet another big name to the cast list?

The latest star to join director Adam Shankman's big screen adaptation of "Rock of Ages," is "Saturday Night Live" veteran Will Forte, who, according to The Hollywood Reporter, will play the anchor of a network news show -- a role not included in the original Broadway musical.

Add him to the list: Tom Cruise will star as rock star Stacee Jax; Malin Ackerman will be the young journalist who swoons for him; Russell Brand, as a venue owner, will duet on an REO Speedwagon song with Alec Baldwin, vessel of Dennis Dupree, rocker-turned-club owner. Julianne Hough takes on the guise of a young songstress new to LA, while Bryan Cranston will play the mayor of the fine city. Catherine Zeta-Jones is the villain here, a conservative who is out to destroy rock.

Baldwin has already wrapped filming on the movie, and early returns, at least photo-wise, promise a character far different from most of his roles. He also had great praise for Tom Cruise, tweeting, "There are some things that are happening on this movie that are going to BLOW... YOU...AWAY," and "I was off work today and went to watch TC shoot. He killed it. I mean, it was beyond great."

Shankman had similar praise for Cruise.

"It wasn't until our first go around with his voice lesson that we sort of looked at each other and went, 'This is gonna work!'" he told Entertainment Weekly. "And we were basically dancing around the living room and high-fiving each other because he actually has a fantastic voice. His grandfather or his great-grandfather was an opera singer, so apparently he's genetically predisposed for this sort of thing."

As for Forte, check out some of his best "SNL" sketches below.

For more on Forte's casting, click over to The Hollywood Reporter.


Will Forte's Best SNL Sketches