07/13/2011 07:29 pm ET | Updated Sep 12, 2011

405 Closure: Bike Mobs, Helicopter Tours, & Airplane Commutes

In the chaotic few days remaining before the planned closure of ten miles of the 405, offers are popping up to, alternatively, disrupt, watch, and avoid the construction. Here's today's roundup of 405-related news:

  • KCET is airing a 30 minute program on "Carmageddon" at 8 pm tonight and 9:30 pm Friday night. The UCLA-produced show aims to inform viewers about "the reasons for the freeway's 53-hour closure and the unprecedented steps ordered by public officials to avoid severe traffic delays across the region," according to a press release. (Metro Blog)
  • The nocturnal bicycle mob "Midnite Ridazz" may be planning to rush the 405 on Saturday night. It's organizing a meet-up at midnight in Santa Monica, right by the end of the closure. In further invading crowd news, an LA production company has listed a CraigsList promotion for a flash mob during the closure. (LA Weekly)
  • Metro has released a detailed description of how the demolition of the Mulholland Bridge will be demolished. It's won't be a "Vegas-style" spectacle, they warn us. (Metro Blog)
  • Even if Metro tells us it won't be a spectacle, you can still take a helicopter ride to view the closed section of the freeway, and drink champagne while you do it! If you're looking for more purposeful air travel within LA, take a helicopter "air taxi" or $4 Jet Blue plane ride between Long Beach and Burbank. (LA Weekly)