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Fran Drescher And Ex-Husband Peter Marc Jacobson On 'Access Hollywood Live' (VIDEO)

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Fran Drescher and ex-husband Peter Marc Jacobson stopped by "Access Hollywood Live" Wednesday to dish on their new show "Happily Divorced"--the show they co-write and co-produce--as well as their own relationship.

The pair, who were married for over 20 years and co-produced the hit show "The Nanny," split in 1999; two years later, Jacobson came out of the closet. Today, the pair are close friends. Their new show "Happily Divorced," which airs Wednesdays on TV Land, is based on their own post-divorce relationship.

Peterson recalled a story that sums up their somewhat unorthodox friendship:

"[Drescher] went to a bar and she liked this guy and she was flirting with him and the girl said, 'stop, he's gay' and she said 'oh ok well I've got an ex-husband for you!'"


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