Helena Christensen Laughs At Being 'Bikini-Ready', Calls Tabloids 'Pathetic'

07/13/2011 08:46 am ET | Updated Sep 12, 2011

The Telegraph caught up with Helena Christensen to reminisce about the '80s, describe the difficulties of motherhood and her penchant for vintage clothing.

The supermodel also revealed that she isn't entirely at ease with being photographed during her leisure time. She said to the newspaper:

"It's really intimidating to go on the beach in a bikini. If someone is painting neon circles around parts of your body, like those pathetic tabloid magazines, it makes me so angry. I can't believe that humans have sunk to this level; it's so ingrained, people are brainwashed with it."

Journalist Emma Sibbles mentions that Christensen laughed at the term "bikini-ready," offering up the following suggestions:

"Magazines say we need to do all these crazy things in order to look better on the beach. The truth is, work out a bit and get firmer. Get a bathing suit you feel comfortable in. Try to eat a little less of the stuff you know will make you look less firm and don't start two days before you go."

Maybe Christensen is onto something. Last year she posed in 27 different lingerie-like contraptions for the Triumph Inspiration Award and stripped down, entirely, for a Reebok ad. Of that experience, she told Bella Sugar, "It was just a very inspiring way to do different kind of photos. I don't really think too much about, 'OK, you're showing your body,' because I'm a model and that's what you do." She added:

Obviously, when you're doing nude, there are moments of feeling slightly intimidated or self-conscious about it. But again, I've done this for 20 years. If I thought too much about it, I probably would not be working.

And all that being said, Christensen doesn't take the word "supermodel" too seriously, anyway. She once explained to the Mirror UK, "Someone just labeled us the supermodel -- it's one of those labels you get stuck with." Well, we've heard worse.

Read more at Telegraph.co.uk. And enjoy the throwback below.