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Louis C.K. Blog Archives Contain Vintage Stand-Up Clips & More (VIDEO)

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If you're not already a fan of veteran comedian Louis C.K., we have to seriously doubt your taste in comedy. It doesn't get much more real, dark and hilarious at the same time than a C.K. stand-up set (not to mention his FX show, "Louie").

Well, if you are already on the C.K. bandwagon, you're going to love this: Caroline's On Broadway brought to our attention C.K.'s blog archives dating back to 2007, chock full of video and writing from the man himself.

Last month we posted this "vintage" clip of C.K. doing stand-up in Boston circa 1987. In the oldest post on his blog archive, C.K. posts that as well as the clip below -- a compilation of his appearances in the early 90s. Our friend Splitsider uploaded the Quicktime file to YouTube so you can watch it below. You'll probably recognize some of the material from C.K.'s Comedy Central specials and his guest spots on "Dr. Katz."

And be sure to check out the full archives to read some funny (and dark) musings about his USO tour and more, and see some other more recent videos including what C.K. says are his best TV clips (or were, in 2007). You can even read his reaction to President Obama getting elected (memories!). It's truly a wealth of funny for any loyal C.K. fan.


Via Splitsider

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