07/13/2011 03:57 pm ET | Updated Jan 30, 2012

My Denver: 14 Questions For Snake Rattle Rattle Snake

Who: Snake Rattle Rattle Snake (SRRS are: Hayley Helmericks, Wilson Helmericks, Doug Spencer, Andrew Warner, James Yardley)

Years In Denver:
66 years total, some of us more than others.

Current Neighborhood:

Current Gig:
As in live show: The UMS July 23 9:00pm, Goodwill Parking Lot stage AND Record Release show August 20th at the Bluebird w/ A. Tom Collins and Land Lines.
As in job: Barista, waiter, art framer, digital event engineer, and shelver.

What do you love most about Denver?
The people, the community, the Reptilian agenda.

What is it like being an artist in Denver?
You pack your art into the crevices of time you have between working full-time. That said, rent is cheap and there are usually lots of pals around.

What are your 3 local meals you can't live without?
Watercourse, Burritos! (Illegal Pete's, El Taco de Mexico, Senor Burrito), Wolfe's BBQ (RIP).

Favorite Colorado beer (craft beer, banquet or silver bullets, no judgement)?
Dale's Pale Ale, New Belgium Blue Paddle, Great Divide Rumble IPA and Samurai ...I guess that would be "craft."

"Sineater" is your new LP in the works, can you tell us a bit about it?
It's done! We sent it off to the plant and we are eagerly awaiting test-presses. We recorded the record ourselves and were lucky enough to take our time doing it. Tracking took a handful of months followed by mixing and mastering. It has been in the works since the beginning of the year so we're really happy to be finished and proud of what we've done. We are putting it out on our own label Glow & Arrow with some help from the Greater Than Collective who is out to help local musicians reach larger national audiences.

How does the songwriting process work for SRRS?
It's a very collective process. It can start with one person's idea or spring from a cool part within an experiemental jam. No one person writes the songs and we certainly are responsible for all our individual parts within a song. It's definitely an organic process. Our recording experience thus far has been building on pre-existing ideas and documenting our work up to this point.

What are your favorite bars/pubs around Denver and why?
Sputnik is the local haunt. If we're venturing out of the neighborhood... Meadowlark, Lost Lake, City O' City - places where you are bound to bump into a friend.

What are your favorite music venues to play in Denver?
Hi-Dive, 3 Kings, Bluebird. Red Rocks!

What is on your weekend must-do lists?
Sleep in, get outside, play Settlers of Catan, go to/play shows.

Take your iPod and hit shuffle, give us the first 5 songs that play, no cheating.
Hayley and Doug's joint-iPod:
1. Matson Jones: "He Means Nothing Dear"
2. Junior Boys: "More Than Real"
3. The Clash: "This Is England"
4. The Walkmen: "Follow The Leader"
5. Pink Mountaintops: "The Gayest of Sunbeams"

Keytars or guitars?

Hall or Oates?
Which one wrote "Rich Girl?"

What's next for SRRS?
Record release, tour, fragrance.

In a word, Denver is...