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San Francisco Bar Food: 5 Bars With Great Drinks, Better Dining

    First Posted: 07/13/11 04:32 PM ET   Updated: 09/12/11 06:12 AM ET

There are some spots where you go just to get a drink. There's some spots when you go just to eat. There are also some (extra special) spots where you go to get a drink, and one drink turns into four, and you end up staying for dinner. These five spots have mastered the tricky art of having a bar perfect for cocktails and a menu fit for a foodie royalty. Cheers--and bon appetit!--to that.

Bar Agricole
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If you still haven't had a cocktail at Bar Agricole, stop what you're doing and go. Their modern front patio or recycled-chic and oh-so expansive bar is the perfect spot to sip cocktails and gaze at some of the hippest peeps in the city. Sip on a Brown Derby (if available, the menu changes daily), a smooth mixture of bourbon, grapefruit, honey and bitters and stay for a plate of roasted rabbit with prosciutto or stuffed pork loin.
Bar Agricole, 355 11th Street at Folsom (415-355-9400 or
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